Stories of Redemption

They are Strong. Now, They are Safe.

Two women reclining against a wall outdoors, one is wearing a red headscarf
When Florence finally returned to her land, her story made national headlines.

Harriet’s Story of Redemption

“It’s like a dream; I never thought I would ever recover my land”
Judith is caring for three generations of her family. Finally, she can provide for them on her own land.

Sylvia’s Story of Redemption

Sylvia returned home after many years of war. But her peace was short-lived.
For a widow like Sarah, a piece of paper and a small concrete block in the ground can change the course of the future.

Mariam’s Story of Redemption

Over the course of 17 years, Mariam endured the death of her husband and her children, false imprisonment, the theft of her 10-acre farmland, and the destruction of her home. Finally, she found hope when Redeem intervened.