She is strong.
Together, we can make her safe.

Redeem International partners with local law enforcement authorities to protect widows and orphans from violent abuse and exploitation. Join our mission of redemption. 

Widow holding a walking stick and resting hand on her chin

The Vicious Cycle of Violence and Poverty

In nations where the laws protecting them are not enforced, poverty makes widows and orphans vulnerable to violence, and violence traps them in poverty.

“Violence is as much a part of what it means to be poor as being hungry, sick, homeless, or jobless. We will simply never be able to win the battle against extreme poverty unless we address violence.”

Our Theory of Change

Law enforcement
leads to

Deterrence leads

Safety leads

Intervention team designed to help widows and orphans

Enforcing the Law to Protect Widows and Orphans

Our Intervention Teams partner with local law enforcement authorities to restore victims, prosecute criminals, and prevent future abuses.

Ensuring that Widows and Orphans are Safe Enough to Prosper

Through one case, we restore a single family to safety. Through a critical mass of cases, we create a deterrent impact that protects all the widows and orphans in the community.

A group of smiling and laughing kids crowd together for a photo.
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“The solution to poverty must involve justice.”

Amina smiles for a photo.

Amina’s Story of Redemption

Amina lost her parents as a child and her husband in her early twenties. Then a family member exploited her tragic situation by stealing the home she inherited from her parents. On the brink of losing hope, she reached out to Redeem for help.