Judith’s Story of Redemption

Judith is caring for three generations of her family. Finally, she can provide for them on her own land.

Judith’s* husband died in 1995. She was left with two daughters and a child in the womb. In 2000, she returned from a visit to her family to find that the house her husband had constructed for them had been torn down and his brother had taken possession of the land.

She tried for 20 years to get help from the justice system, to no avail. By 2023, Judith was caring for her blind mother, her daughter—who was now a widow herself—and her daughter’s children. Finally, her case was referred to Redeem’s Mbale team by a local justice official. Redeem took up her case and the battle in court began again.

Together, Redeem and Judith fought for her family and her land. At one point, Judith became so ill that Redeem’s social worker took her to the hospital and stayed with her while she was receiving treatment. Redeem also rented her a small plot of land so she could have something to feed her grandchildren while she waited for her day in court.

This Fall, with Redeem’s help, Judith finally won her case. The court has ordered her brother-in-law to tear down the house he built and vacate the land, or face further penalties. And Redeem partnered with local officials to host a community meeting to share the results of the case as a deterrent to potential criminals.

During a visit by Redeem staff in October, she sat on the ground near a pile of beans she recently harvested. Her smile extended from ear to ear. “Look!” she said. “I can now feed my family.”

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*name changed for privacy

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