Sylvia’s Story of Redemption

Sylvia returned home after many years of war. But her peace was short-lived.

In 2008, Sylvia* lost her husband while they were living in a camp for internally displaced persons. When the civil war ended, Sylvia returned to her family’s eight acres to resume farming and feed her family. Upon her return, her neighbor claimed the land as his own.

In 2013, this neighbor chased Sylvia and her children off their land. Since then, Sylvia has appealed to any authority who would listen to return her land. For nearly eight years, no one listened.

In March of this year, all that changed when Redeem secured a civil judgment in Sylvia’s favor. The court ruled that the land belonged to Sylvia, that the neighbor had to leave, and that he had to pay all her costs and fees. After fending off the neighbor’s legal appeals, Redeem partnered with local leaders in the community to help Sylvia set her boundary stones.

*Client names changed for privacy

Sylvia places boundary stones on her property after her legal victory.

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