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The Meaning Behind Our Name

To “redeem” is to take something that has been lost, broken, stolen, or destroyed and to restore it to everything that it was created to be.

We serve a God of redemption, who is working to redeem each of us to Himself and at the same time inviting us to join Him in His work of redemption in a hurting world. Nowhere is that invitation more clear than in the repeated call of Scripture to care for widows and orphans in their distress. God created families to be places of safety, protection, and provision. But in our fallen world, families are too often torn apart by death, and the women and children left behind are too often subjected to violent abuse at the hands of those who exploit their unique vulnerability.

In carrying out our mission to protect widows and orphans from violent abuse and exploitation, Redeem’s vision is to share the good news of God’s redemptive power to all who have ears to hear. By restoring these women and children to the life of safety, protection, and provision that they were created to enjoy, Redeem hopes to serve as one more echo of the ultimate redemption story that stretches from Genesis to Revelation. We hope to tell the world one more parable of the “good news” that God is at work restoring everything that has been lost, broken, stolen, and destroyed to all that it was created to be.